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Hi, I’m Ian.

Welcome to Paper Rocket, I’m the Creative Director here. I thought about writing some big paragraph about our long experience in art and design, our drive for creative communications, and my desire to build a people-focused design firm, but it seemed too boring so we’ ll move on.

In short, Paper Rocket is a full-service, boutique, design agency, covering the entire gambit of visual communication forms. If it’s something to look at, Paper Rocket can make it happen.



It’s in our pockets, it’s on our desktops, it's in the very air around us these days. The web isn’t going away anytime soon, and it’s only getting to be a stronger more vital tool for business marketing. 

Paper Rocket offers smart, efficient web solutions including custom designed sites,  e-Commerce, responsive mobile platforms,  easy to use Content Management Systems, and more.



An oldie but a goodie. The 90’s had us all believing that the future was paperless, but the fact is – we’ve never used so much paper. Printed design products give us a tactile, personal experience, that the cold, heartless screens around us can only dream of.

Paper Rocket handles print design of all sorts –  from brochures to magazines, to branded pens, trade show displays, and car wraps.



Our very favorite thing! From hand painted children’s book characters, to digitally rendered infographics – this is our playground.

Paper Rocket can produce illustrations in any style and any media – the possibilities are endless!



Animation marries sound, motion, music, illustration, and messaging all at once. No matter how old or ”professional” the audience, there is something about animation that enthralls us.

Animation turns us right back to our Saturday morning cartoon watching selves, and  rams it’s message right down to our soul.



Prior to diving into graphic design full time, Ian was once an internationally exhibiting fine artist. The financial collapse of 2008 was none-too-kind to such frivolous expense as oil paintings, thus his attentions have been directed elsewhere. 

Interestingly, the number one thing that has won Paper Rocket design work over the years is showing clients his paintings. Something about them gives us extra points apparently, and thus they are included in this site.

His fine art website can be seen here:


Partners. Coming Soon.

Where we don’t have a skill-set in-house, we turn to partnerhips with the most talented contractors and free-lancers out there. We have a growing stable of creators of all types to take care of projects as needs arise. 

At the moment we are collecting bios and photos of some of our choice partners, They should be posted soon.

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